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Devour The Day Seize The Moment

Devour The Day's first live show takes place in Flint this Saturday.
Devour The Day's first live show takes place in Flint this Saturday.

After a decade of touring and putting out two albums, the Tennessee based band Egypt Central called it a day late in 2012. Egypt Central’s end was due to lead singer John Falls and guitarist Jeff James did not wish to continue with the band, leaving guitarist/bassist Joey “Chicago” Walser and drummer Blake Allison without a project. Instead of moping around and wallowing as to why Egypt Central was no more, Waller and Allison started work on something fresh, according to Waller: “When we first started this, I was writing more therapeutically instead of trying to write something out of necessity”.

Walser & Allison’s tinkering around became the musical skeleton for what would become their next project, Devour the Day. The inactivity of touring gave the band plenty of time to sit down and work on things: “We ended up writing most of the material for about six to seven months. It was a fairly long time versus Egypt Central- where I think we wrote and recorded our album in five weeks. We didn’t want to rush anything, so it took about eight or nine months altogether”.

Even with Walser & Allison being writing the majority of the Egypt Central music, the experiences behind writing for the Devour The Day couldn’t have been any different than the former band, according to Walser: “Blake is an ex-producer, and we recorded about 85 percent of the album in Little Rock at my home. It was unbelievable and there was an intensity that we hadn’t had before. We finished up the last 15 percent with Skidd (Mills- producer) to round out the rest of the record. With Egypt Central; 100 percent was done in the studio”.

With the recording out of the way, it gave Walser and Allison time to think about something they’re never done: being out in front, which was a little weird at first: “There was a lot of hesitation about it. After a decade, things became comfortable. This time around though, it was such a wonderful artistic experience and much more rewarding now. But at the same time, we’re nervous about it. Everyone who thinks they know it will be a success is full of crap (laughs)”.

Devour The Day’s first single, “Good Man”, is already starting to take off at radio and Walser is excited to see people take to the song. As the song takes off, the band is preparing for their first tour and Waller is being for his first jaunt of being out in front and describes what to expect live this way: “One of the points of pride with Egypt Central was that we had a very energetic live show. The blood, sweat and tears we put into that will continue, with a lot of the same energy. But with Devour the Day, they’re will be a lot more word play there because of having more experience. It’s all about making a connection with the people who support you”. Fans can expect more similar aspects of Walser’s past with Devour The Day, but as he explains the differences in an instrumentation sense, “We’re gonna do things to make it different, we’ve never used double bass pedals before, an acoustic part of the set as well as some reggae thrown in there.”

But Michigan gets the first crack at Devour The Day, as the band’s first ever show takes place at the Machine Shop in Flint on May 11th. For Walser, the day can’t come soon enough: “We couldn’t be more excited. Flint is one of our favorite places to play. The Zink Brothers (owners of the Machine Shop) have been so good to us over the years. It’s a long time coming.”

Devour The Day play at the Machine Shop in Flint on Saturday, May 11th. Tickets are $5 and are available at The band's debut album, "Time & Pressure" is out now. Additional tour dates and band info can be found at


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