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Devotional Journal: 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible, by Dave Earley

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Devotional Journal: 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible, by Dave Earley, Hardcover, 2005, Barbour Books, ISBN-13: 978-1616265113, $16.99

In the journal edition of 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible, the author leaves readers ample space to record personal thoughts and prayers for themselves and others. He uses prayer examples from the likes of “Hannah, David and Jacob” as prayer patterns, then writes God liked “their prayer petitions so much He recorded them in Scripture.”

He begins with “important truths about prayer” from simply talking to God, to making time to hear His answers. Seek God’s will with a listening heart and don’t ask God to rubberstamp your plans. Instead ask Him to reveal what His plans might be for you. He writes, “Prayer is cooperating with God so that He can release His power.”

His description of how God answers prayers—“Yes—No—wait—you’ve got to be kidding” brings a smile. He says if our request isn’t part of God’s plan for us, the answer is “No.” If it’s the wrong time, God says “Slow.” If our prayer request is wrong, God’s says to “Grow.” If the prayer and timing is right God says, “Go.” Overall Earley reminds readers God always answers, though it might not be the answer reader’s request.

Twenty-two chapters feature prayer topics and suggestions for “more effective prayers.” From daily reading, to memorization, to setting aside the same time every day. Your prayer closet might be a kitchen table or simply taking a walk with the Lord. I liked the suggestion to ask a friend join you in prayer by telephone, Skype or E-mail, very useful in our time challenged culture.

Short, easy to memorize prayers include Gideon’s prayer, “Give me a sign,” Hannah’s prayer, “Remember me,” Jabez’s prayer, “Enlarge my territory,” Solomon’s prayer, “Give me wisdom,” and Nehemiah’s prayer “Grant me favor,” among many others.

Earley’s uplifting book offers a variety of Bible stories and prayers with valuable lessons on the power of persistent prayer, for any age, any background. From prayers for mercy, guidance, salvation or intercessory prayer, to asking for wisdom, there’s something for everyone. This would make an excellent devotional for any time of year or considered as a gift.

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