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Devote a pre-set amount of time to talk to your people daily

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This is the first of four installments in a series called “How to effectively connect with employees”. Click here to start reading from the beginning.

Every leader knows the importance of communication with the people on their team. The lack of effective communication is one of the leading causes of a breakdown in the connectivity of the leader to a team member.

With this in mind leaders make a commitment to ensuring they have open and honest communication with team members. When work levels are low this will typically work very well. During peak periods the amount of time spent in communication with individual team members diminishes greatly as other priorities take over. The unfortunate aspect of this is that once the peak periods subsides communication does not rebound.

Effective leaders will set aside time each day with a will faithfully converse with individual team members. Joe Antonini, CEO for Kmart when is located in Troy, Mich., was known to be a people person. He set aside daily time to meet with associates at Kmart International Headquarters. With over 5000 employees in the building he was unable to meet with all of them but he made sure he met with enough that he was able to get a strong connection to them.

Select a time that is easy to devote daily to talking informally with employees at their desk. Most find the best time is first thing in the morning when people are getting started or just after lunch. A side benefit of these times is that of employees know the leader will be visiting Italy the start their day or returned from lunch promptly.

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