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Devolver's 'Fistful of Gun' brings some action packed screens

Devolver's Fistful of Gun-slide0
Photo Courtesy of Devolver

Devolver is going to be bringing a new game in 2015 called Fistful of Gun. In what is the Devolver tradition, Fistful of Gun looks like an over the top shooter if screen shots that starting circulating Friday morning are any indication.

Fistful of Gun Screenshots
Photo courtesy of Devolver

Devolver is the maker of the super-popular Hotline Miami and the soon to be released follow-up Hotline Miami 2. Devolver has also show off its ability to diversify with the creation of Hatoful Boyfriend. Fistful of Gun is being shown off as Devolver’s colorful arcade style shooter that can be played by up to eight different players.

In this regard, Devolver is certainly putting out a different kind of game, considering that both Hotline Miamis are single player shooters. Fistful of Gun actually started off as a freeware game but it will be getting a proper release, likely through steam in the near future.

Devolver will also be showing off the game at Pax Prime and those who are in attendance will actually be able to get their hands on this title ahead of its release. As Destructoid points out, Pax is the perfect place to try out Devolver’s newest title because there certainly won’t be a shortage of people to play with.

Just how this game will play out in its PC form will be something people will want to check out, as well as whether or not all eight people are going against each other or working together to kill off common foes. Devolver’s Fistful of Gun will be hitting PC sometime in 2015, in the meantime check out the gallery.

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