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Devin Shepherd appeals to fellow ‘BB16’ houseguest Donny Thompson for help

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Donny Thompson is the most well-liked “Big Brother 16” houseguest this season. He was voted onto Team America along with Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande, and has proven to be a good listener and ally in the house.

It is no wonder that Devin Shepherd sought Donny out after throwing in the towel with the Bomb Squad. Live feed subscribers watching at approximately 12:55 a.m. PT on July 9 saw Devin go into one of the bedrooms and wake Thompson up out of a dead sleep to discuss what had just happened in the Head of Household room with Frankie Grande.

Entering the darkened bedroom, Shepherd stood at the end of the bed and woke Donny up to tell him what had happened upstairs in the Head of Household room with Frankie Grande. Shepherd explained to Thompson that he had removed himself from the Bomb Squad alliance and went on to list the eight members remaining.

Head of Household Devin Shepherd went on to tell Donny Thompson that what happened in the Head of Household room was going to change everyone’s game, and not for the better. Shepherd told Thompson is was very bad and wanted to know if they could discuss it now or if Donny wanted to wait until morning. Thompson politely asked Devin if it could wait a few hours. Devin said it was not a problem, and then continued to talk about the incident.

Eventually Donny gave up and put his microphone on in order for the two to discuss the situation. Devin told Donny that he only trusts two people in the house, Frankie and Donny. Shepherd throws the rest of his former Bomb Squad alliance under the bus, telling Donny that they will turn on him. Devin told Donny that he will pick off each of the “Big Brother 16” houseguests, one by one, until he wins the game. Donny advised Devin to calm down and wait and see what happens.