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Devin Patrick signs to Lil Ru's Presidential Music label

Entertainment changes, as do people. In fact, the only thing constant is change.

Two kings.

One such change is what artists do to make something big for themselves and the place they each are from, such as aligning themselves with other artists, especially those from the same vicinity.

Such a situation has recently happened in the Columbia, SC hip-hop scene: MC, designer and erstwhile producer (among many other things) Devin Patrick, the founder of X-Rated Mafia Records, has signed with Presidential Music, headed by fellow SC act Lil Ru, who is himself signed to Def Jam Recordings. It would seem that the two made their decision to combine forces around the time that they took pictures at the 2014 SC Music Awards, either before, during, or after the event.

The creator of the term and title "Killumbia", which is the name of his collaborative effort with certain MC's from the area, and the "Nasty Song" performer have thus aligned forces to create a force in hip-hop (and perhaps other areas) to be reckoned with. Presidential Music was founded by Ru at the beginning of his years with Def Jam. Presidential Music has other artists on it as well.

21 & Up was Ru's 2009 debut on Def Jam, a part of the major Universal Music Group. Devin, meanwhile, has created ventures like Devin Patrick Media and Studio X.

Columbia, SC, what do you think of this union?

Here is "Killumbia":

Presidential..... or Royal? You decide. Either way, these two are destined for ascension into the pantheon of this thing called urban music.

'Nuff said.

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