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Devin Patrick's Killumbia trademark infringed upon by various artists

The attack of the copycats has begun.

This belongs to Devin Patrick and him only. DON'T FORGET IT!!!!

Columbia, SC-based entrepreneur and MC Devin Patrick, the newest signee to Lil Ru's Presidential Music, wants to let those that are unaware know that he is the owner of the trademark Killumbia and the originator of the title. "Killumbia" is the name of a single released last August by Patrick which features Mr Flip, Lil Brod, Lele, Gemstar da Goldenchild, Davyne, & Quaress. It is also the name of an upcoming mixtape series Patrick plans on releasing, which will include some of the Columbia area's most prominent urban music superstars.

Patrick created the term with a friend named Wes in 2001. The Killumbia movement was first put into fill swing in 2010, however, while Devin was signed to none other than Headhunter Records, which Ru was part of for a long time before starting Presidential. The "Killumbia" single was supposed to have Patrick, Flip, Brod, Venice, a singer, and local MC Natalac, but Headhunter shelved the project to push Lil Ru. Patrick left the label in 2012. However, that year Headhunter's Freddie L., aka Luga, encouraged Patrick to finish the song with Flip and Brod, but the other aforementioned four artists jumped on board soon afterwards, and in 2013 a legend was born. A second part will feature Natalac, Ru, Marvolus (a former artist under the legendary DJ Prince Ice) and TD da Don.

Recently, however, there have been an indeterminate amount of artists, according to information released by Patrick himself via Facebook on August 18, stealing the trademark and using it for their own gains.

Patrick will fight this with everything he has. He is in the process of starting Killumbia Clothing to further embellish and expand the movement. It is unknown if he has met with attorneys on the infringement matter, but it is only a matter of time.

Columbia, SC, now you know.

Be original. It will save you the wrath of Devin Patrick and any other that can be imitated but never duplicated..

'Nuff said.

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