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Devin Capretta announces new DJ showcase with East Coast Rave Community

The East Coast Rave Community recently had the opportunity to host their first DJ Showcase at The Spot Lounge In NYC. The incredible event went off without a hitch, so we had to get an interview with one of the creators, Devin Capretta, on Monday. He gave us some great news about the future of the showcase, and ECRC's mission as a whole.

Hanging out at the DJ Showcase with ECRC
House music all night long
Devin Capretta

The next show, 'Beats At The Spot,' has been announced for February 21. If you love House music, this is the party to attend.

The night at the famed Karaoke Lounge featured some of the most talented up coming DJ’s in the Tri-State area. While Devin loves to go out and see the biggest names in the universe, he knows some of the best talent is located in New York and New Jersey.

The first showcase included Mike Hush and The Good Life crew. Other incredibly talented DJ’s were brought together on one night. The DJ list included Spunky, Jaxx, T4R4NTISM, and DeeCee himself.

Let’s delve into the mind of Devin Capretta.

WLH: What made you decide to start a DJ Showcase?

Deecee: I wanted to create an event that would give these local artists an opportunity that they might not otherwise get while also making it feasible for people on a tight budget to attend. The showcase allowed for DJs who haven't yet had public gigs to play for a crowd of people and hopefully bring everyone a step closer to achieving their dreams.

WLH: I noticed there was a Boutique setup for the night with some fashionable gear.

Deecee: I also wanted to use the event to display other talents, like homegrown clothing lines, to provide as many people as possible with new opportunities to develop their brand. As a whole, I wanted to show that you don't always need to go far and spend an entire paycheck to hear your favorite music. Sometimes the best talent is right in front of you.

WLH: You seemed to really enjoy the whole night. Is this truly a passion?

Deecee: My friends and I are constantly going to shows and awaiting festival lineups to see the big name, internationally known DJs to hear our favorite music. We spend thousands of dollars on tickets and traveling to go to these events.

WLH: When’s the next event?

Deecee: The next one is actually next Friday, February 21. The last one was such a success that we have been invited back to keep it going. We are hoping to make it weekly or bi-weekly with a different genre each time to allow for a variety of DJs to come in. Next week we are focusing more on tech house music and have selected DJs that feel this is their strength.

WLH: That’s nice. A couple people mentioned that it’s such a friendly event, where do you see this party six months from now?

Deecee: Hopefully, if all continues to go well, this party will still be happening 6 months down the road. Right now, we want to focus on gaining a following and get people excited to see their friends and family playing, rather than an international star. Maybe then we will be able to move to a larger venue and put on larger events to allow more people to be involved.

WLH: What is East Coast Rave Community about?

DeeCee: The East Coast Rave Community, or ECRC, is a group of people who have been brought together by their love for music but also the desire to share their passions with other people. Last May, during the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in New York, a group of people met through the Insomniac Volunteer Program. They decided to form a Facebook group to keep in contact and connect with others who shared their interest in EDM. The once small group is now approaching 3000 members in less than a year of existing.

WLH: How can people get involved?

Deecee: The group allows for people, who might not already know each other, to find others going to the same events or who have similar interests. Each week, the upcoming events in our area our posted and meet-ups are arranged so no one ever has to be alone at a show. Aside from shows, though, we travel together, get snowed in together, go skiing together and spend our down nights at home together. The group has brought together thousands of different people and really grown into more of a family.


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