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Devil May Care-Headline, Hell leaves Devil cold, Lucifer says I quit!

Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven

Devil May Care
Devil May Care

Undoubtedly the most famous line of Paradise Lost. The devil is not the only one to have expressed such sentiments. Caesar said, “I had rather be first in a village than second at Rome.” Vast ambition brooks no rivals.

The eternal struggle of the forces of evil must go on forever. Satan is to guard the souls he has claimed in aeternum.

But, what if the Prince of all evil finally sees the futility. Can Lucifer say, “That’s it. I’m done.”

On the face of it, the short film, Devil May Care, is a meditation on that subject. After all, you have been lord of hell since before history. It’s got to get tedious.

The movie opens in an Irish bar. What appears to be a man is having a pint. Another man comes in and without the dialogue one could get the impression it’s another Boston gang movie. Lucifer wants to come home and he begins the campaign in a meeting with Gabriel.

Gabe is not amused. There is too much history to overcome. Pride led to the family war and can Lu work through it? Devil May Care is that exploration.

Devil May Care is a fine movie and an original concept. I first saw it at the Shawna Shea Independent Short Film Festival where it garnered best film and the audience award.

If one were to guess the origin of the screenplay, they could be forgiven for thinking it might be a seminarian with an active imagination. Not so. One of the writers had a relative with an addiction who is working to reconcile with the family. The story behind the story is well explained by co-writer Greg Metro and lead actress Diana Porter in the attached video. When I heard the explanation I was taken aback, but it all makes sense.

I might be the only one who felt this, but the greater theme seems to be about letting down the fam as opposed to the devil's serving of evil.

Nathaniel Sylva as Lucifer does a good job as the otherworld weary devil. He is still enough of a proud jerk that the journey is not going to be easy. Chris Goodwin and Jay Dunigan as angels Gabriel and Michael work through the history and resentments with Lu. Diana Porter’s sympathetic portrayal of Death garnered her best actress at Shawna Shea.

Not a filmmaker, I don’t know if lenses were involved or they consulted a meteorologist. No matter, the movie is shot as if it were always suitably overcast. The haunting quality of Erin Quinlan’s score is the appropriate music.

The Transparent Frogs Films’ team of Kyle Johannessen and Greg Metro have written and produced a movie that under Kyle’s direction will more than hold your attention. The cinematography of Mikel Wisler and editing of Justine Gendron complete the production team of a well made bit of cinema.

This is a work worth watching. To find out some more, you can go to the Devil May Care website and the facebook page.



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