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Devil baby terrifies New Yorkers on video: Robotic baby a 'Devil's Due' promo

The devil baby was let loose on unsuspecting New Yorkers, as this robotic and very real-looking baby rolled around in a remote-controlled baby carriage. When folks were lured in by the dreadful baby cries, the devil baby pops up and scares them. This devil baby was made to promote the new movie out Friday, "Devil's Due," according to ABC News on Jan. 16.

Devil baby scares New Yorkers as it rides around in remote controlled carriage. Check out the video it is hysterical!
YouTube screen shot

The baby looks a lot like a zombie baby, it is just so disturbing to look at. While it is rolling through the streets of New York it does all sorts of things, which is caught on video. The video was posted to YouTube and it received over four million views in one day, that is just how entertaining it is. The video is posted above, so check it out. This kid in the carriage is scary looking, but it looks real. This is what startles the unsuspecting New Yorkers that happen upon this crying child.

When this robotic baby sits up, everything moves like a real baby. Its mouth opens to cry, the eyes move like a real baby. This robotic zombie infant projectile vomits and flips the bird. In the video a grown man is brought down to his knees in fright. He hears the baby wailing and walks over to the carriage, bang, up comes this baby that looks like death warmed over.

The carriage follows folks with this kid crying and it bumps into people sitting at tables at a sidewalk cafe. It is hysterical to see the caring faces walk over to what looks like an abandoned baby carriage with this kid crying and see their expressions turn to pure fright when they see what is inside. Everyone runs away from it, except for one lady who stayed just long enough to cover its horrible face.

Check out the latest sight for New Yorkers, the devil baby. The video above is the "Devil Baby" video from YouTube.

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