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Developing an Empowered Life Lesson Two

What does it mean to have healthy self esteem? What about Self confidence? And then there is Self love and self worth?
If you ask 100 people, you very well may get 100 answers because each person is going to respond predominantly from the default setting of their individual filters and paradigms; however many of the answer may in fact be similar. Any of us can look up a dictionary definition of each of these words and speak ever so eloquently as to what the words mean and yet behind our eyes resides a person who does not know the meaning of these words from “experience.”

It is not only possible for you to change your life and live a life with more love, joy, power, peace, abundance, and passion, it is the life you deserve to live!
It is not only possible for you to change your life and live a life with more love, joy, power, peace, abundance, and passion, it is the life you deserve to live!
"Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established ..." Job 22:28

So many people I meet, coach, teach, and mentor are in fact just like I once was – people who have some level of self hatred, self loathing, self depreciating, and the bearers of more guilt, shame, and pain than any human should ever have to endure and yet there we are.
We wonder why me? Why was I born? What is the point of it all?
We stumble through life existing day to day never really engaging fully in life as victors since being victims has been all we have known.

Each of us has a journey that we will take; whether we label it good, bad, or other is not the point. The more important point is that we realize that this thing many refer to as fate can be shifted into our destiny; a destiny which we ourselves create!

An empowered life involves the awakening to the Truth that each of us has the power to shape, change, alter, and affect our own lives. We are never doomed by birth, genetics, society, culture, or God! Quite the opposite; the ability to manifest and create begins the moment we change the conversation.

What conversation you ask?

First is the conversation you have with yourself.
What is your inner dialogue on any given day?
Are you encouraging yourself? Are you uplifting and motivational or is your dialogue more about complaining, criticizing, and judging?
If we want our lives to demonstrate success, then success needs to be the conversation we engage in.
If we want our lives to be about health and well being, then health and well being need to be the conversation we engage in.
Whatever it is that we seek to be, do, have in our life experience, that is what the conversation needs to be about; first with ourselves and then with those we encounter in the world.
Designing and living an empowered life lesson two therefore is about speaking into existence what we want to see in our lives.
In lesson one, we were observing our thoughts and the inner dialogue and the language used by those around us. Now, let’s get active and start doing something about the language.
When someone complains about the weather, rather than amen their complaint, shift the energy.
For example:
Ray: Man it is horrible out today!
Tracy: Really, you think so? I think it is fine.
Ray: I hate the rain.
Tracy: I’m actually glad it’s raining since the plants need the water to grow.
Ray: But it’s causing floods. . .
Tracy: True and hating that doesn’t change it so why complain is what I always say.

OK, I know some of this conversation may not be what we would actually say, however you get the idea right? You see how you can shift the energy from negative to more positively empowered where you are not the victim being drained or sucked into the black hole of another person’s misery.

I encourage you to share any “AHA!” moments or any thoughts or observations you have or questions that arise.

Blessings and remember to have FUN with this lesson!

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