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Developing a personal relationship with God

It is through quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer we develop a personal relationship with God.
It is through quiet contemplation, meditation and prayer we develop a personal relationship with God.
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If you are a sensible Christian, your first duty is to God. This thought should stay forefront in your mind as you go throughout your day. The practice of imprinting your mind with reverend conduct will lead you to everlasting happiness. It is important to reflect on your relationship to God often.

Your being moves through God. You live through God. God is the eternal part of your path and God knows your heart and thoughts. One day, when your time on this plane of existence is over you will be held accountable for this life.

This life is a gift, do not waste the opportunity for redemption. It is through your actions in this existence you will prove your worth. Be true, honest and just in your actions. Praise God, the pure and virtuous. Peace comes to those who pray for such things. God’s hidden strength is inside you, to guide you and guard you along your journey in life.

God is always with you and loves you. Knowing that no matter what is going on in your life God is always present can give you confidence to face you fears. Be assured, what God wants will come to pass. When you truly understand this, you will free yourself from worry and fear.

God gives you the right to make your own decisions, even to your own detriment. Man’s ego is strong and does not wish to be dethroned. It will not give itself over to God easily.

Tune in to God. Ask God to come in to your life. Ask for help. Feel the love of God flow into you and open up to the love. Know you are well taken-care of and let God take over. This is how you develop a personal relationship with God.

It is a wonderfully comforting feeling to know that no matter what, you are never alone. Talk to God about advice for your life. God is always there, especially when you feel as if there is no place to turn for help.

God is always there for you and God has your best interest at heart. Right now stop for a second and say, “God, I am in trouble. I open myself up to you. Please save me.”

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