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Developers more interested in building apartments versus houses in Lehigh Valley

In a study performed by the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (LVPC), the report released on Friday shows that more developers are interested in building apartments than houses.

The construction proposed is not only in a greater amount than last year, but according to the development plans submitted, most of it is not residential.

In fact, the majority of construction is either office-projects related to the new tax investment zones in areas like Allentown and Bethlehem, or huge warehouse-project throughout the Lehigh Valley.

Also with those projects comes plans to building more apartments. The number of plans submitted, for apartment building construction, rose significantly in 2013, as compared to the previous year. Also, that number has risen for six consecutive years in the Lehigh Valley.

Prior to the streak starting in 2008, building of residential housing (single-family homes) outpaced the construction of apartments for 26 years, since the LVPC started compiling this type of data beginning in 1984.

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