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Developers Match Meetup

Wanted to share this information about this event with the Software Engineer audience that follows me on the and LinkedIn. There's a DevelopersMatch Event going on

Location: NextSpace Coworking - Union Square (SF) 1 Hallidie Plaza 2nd FL San Francisco, CA 94102

When: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

If you are a start-up seeking a developer or a developer looking for a great start-up, this event is for you! We all know how difficult it is for start-ups and developers to find just the right people to work with. This is a face to face meetup to bring the two sides together. The primary objective is to make meaningful contacts for each start-up and developer in attendance. Start-ups will be limited to 30 (first come first serve). Developers are limited to 60. There will be plenty good quality wine/beer and food on hand to help lubricate the conversation.

Important format information:

Developers can attend for FREE but must pre-register see eventbrite link below. If you are a developer whose looking for another developer to work with on your project or company you need to sign-up as a start-up and not a developer.

Start-ups (up to two people per start-up ticket) will pay a $25 registration fee.

Start-ups are encouraged (but not required) to post the job offered ahead of the event. This should be a brief paragraph written in this order:

  1. Skills needed
  2. The range of pay or terms offered
  3. Very short description of product type/category
  4. Company description (without mentioning company name or going into too much detail). We know you're passionate about your start-up, but please be brief!

For developers we will make a list available of jobs offered before the event. This list will help developers streamline which start-ups they would like to talk to. The event itself will be mostly free form mingling to allow start-ups and developers best matched enough time to find each other. There will be lots of food and refreshments provided by the organizers.

For tickets go here:

See you all there!

Feel free to contact Event Host with any questions at this email:

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