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Developers look to create unique co-op experience

While perhaps not the most successful platform, few would argue that the Wii U concept of a tablet based control scheme was anything short of innovative. University of Advancing Technology alumni Mario Castañeda and Chris Jennewein have released a new Kickstarter project to fund a game that capitalizes on that Wii U ingenuity titled, "Hex Heroes."

Hex Heroes Concept Art
Prismatic Games

Taken from the Hex Heroes project on, “Hex Heroes is a multiplayer real time strategy game for Wii U where up to 4 players share the TV harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring dangerous territories.”

Combining the divergent genres of real time strategy and party games, Castañeda and his team at Prismatic Games hope to create a unique experience oriented to a broad range of players. The game predominately focuses on the cooperative play experience, but also features single player capability with various game modes.

Prismatic Games has gathered the support of composer Grant Kirkhope, most recognized for his work on “Banjo Kazooie,” “Donkey Kong 64,” and “Kingdoms of Amalur.” Members of the indie game community have also given “Hex Heroes,” their seal of approval with several cameo appearances from notable games like “Guacamelee,” “Mutant Mudds,” and “SteamWorld Dig.”

If Prismatic Games gets the contributors they need to meet their goals, then “Hex Heroes” may be adding a unique co-op experience to your future game nights.

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