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Developer interest less than stellar for Nintendo systems

Nintendo will need more than just first party games to survive
Nintendo will need more than just first party games to survive

Early polls from this years Game Developers Conference in San Francisco offered some grim news pertaining to the third party interest of the 3DS and WiiU.

According to the chart featured over at NintendoLife, only 1.9% of the 2,600 game developers questioned had plans for developing their next game for the Nintendo 3DS. The number was only slightly higher for the WiiU, sitting at a paltry 4.42%.

Now it is no shock that the brunt of game development is focused on PC/Mac and smartphones. These platforms have an incredibly high user base and are fairly simple to develop and promote games for.

The real surprise comes from the fact that the Playstation Vita (7.47%) had more interest than the 3DS. The 3DS has an astronomically higher user base with VGChartz stating that there have currently been almost 43 million units sold, as opposed to the 7.5 million Playstation Vita units sold.

An even tougher pill for Nintendo to swallow is the fact that consoles from the past generation, the Xbox 360 and PS3, also have more interest than the WiiU and 3DS. Once again this is most likely because they already have an established user base, but Nintendo already has enough trouble competing with the current generation.

Nintendo has always been known for their first party titles. The 3DS has a massive library of great games as it is, and that is without a ton of third party support. While the WiiU struggled early on, titles are on their way that might be potential system sellers such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

First party titles alone can not continue selling systems however. If Nintendo wants to continue competing with the other video game markets they must improve their relationship with third party developers.

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