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Develop a medical health advocate

There are few of us who have not ended up having some medical intervention at some point in our life. And with that comes the phrase we all hear and cringe when we do (make an informed choice). First we in many cases do not know where to begin and second if we do who has the time or feels well enough to make the inroads to have the knowledge for this choice.

Years ago, 10 to 15 to be exact, we saw a family physician or general practice doctor whom we trusted and this person would at the very least give us some guidelines for research. Today the choices have multiplied many times over and between insurances and specialties (in medical care); we need a degree to know where to begin our research. And a second opinion is more often than not 'pie in the sky'; because if the insurances say they will not pay for the second opinion and the medical providers are limited in this or that specialty.

Our health and health care has been the debate for many years; unfortunately we can't seem to see the light for all the foliage. (It is very important to have the light to growth the foliage; however the foliage has now over grown the plants.) The next part of this dilemma is this scenario on an emergency basis. When going to the ER due to an injury or illness, we must put our trust in those medical personnel working there. And we can all hope for our medical power of attorney to be there; however this is frequently not the case.

This article outlines the common pitfalls when seeking medical care. Take the time now to research a medical advocate, you will be happy you did. Check with the local Social Service Agencies. It does not even touch on the situation of having a caregiver. Read well, think prolifically and decide with the knowledge we are all doing our best.

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