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Devastating Washington mudslide leaves at least 8 dead

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The horrific mudslide just outside Oso, Wash. caused a huge amount of damage to a roughly a square mile of land. On March 24, CNN reported at least 8 people were killed by the natural disaster while multiple others are injured and even more unaccounted for.

Intense rain over the rural Washington area caused the massive mudslide over the weekend. Now there are 108 people unaccounted for and rescue workers are searching. The mud is so thick that even rescue workers have had to be rescued after being buried to their armpits. Working to find others who may be stuck is very dangerous as the mud can be up to 15 feet deep and it acts like quicksand, trapping victims beneath the surface.

Flood alerts have been issued for the area surrounding the mudslides in Snohomish County. Rain is expected through Monday and Tuesday, possibly causing more damage. The constant rain also makes the rescue effort much harder.

Witnesses to the Washington mudslide described the scene as "total devastation." The destructive mud completely destroyed everything in sight including several homes and other structures. It is unknown how many of the 108 missing are actually victims of mother nature.