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DeVanity's Final Curtain....

DeVanity Season 4
DeVanity Season 4
Photos Courtesy Caruso/Portier Productions

As the clock ticks closer to the Season 4 premiere and final installment of the hit webseries DeVanity, it does so on the heels of seven Indie Series Awards nominations. If you're not familiar with this series, it took soap fans by storm in 2011 as a nod to those bitch-slapping, backstabbing, blackmailing prime-time soaps we loved in the 1980's like Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon's Crest, Knots Landing. The show quickly gained a loyal following, but if you haven't had the pleasure of watching this incredibly produced series, here's a little recap....

The series centers around Jason DeVanity (Michael Caruso) and his screwed up siblings who own 'DeVanity Jewelry', designers to the stars. Cue up the long-standing rivalry with 'Regis Jewelry' owned by Preston Regis (Gordon Thomson) and his sociopathic son Andrew (Kyle Lowder), then add his bitch on wheels daughter Julia (Ari Zucker) into the mix. What does that make? Complete mayhem!

Season 3 was fraught with a couple of fake pregnancies, at least one marriage based on obsession, another on a lie, infidelity, scheming, incest, backstabbing and of course catfights! The season began 3 months after the Season 2 finale where Jason was shot by Andrew, who in a true soapy twist, turned out to be his biological brother! Jason's sister Jackie went psycho after her husband Sebastian hung himself in the DeVanity's living room and Portia (Katie Apicella) swindled her out of her shares, then had her carted off to the insane asylum! Meanwhile, Bianca (Katie Caprio) had married Andrew, then promptly got pregnant to everyone's surprise! Portia was also pregnant with Alex's (Mike Dirksen) baby, or so we thought! Later we learned she was faking it and Bianca lost her baby! Byron (Jason Christopher) had taken a trip to Mexico and after a run in with the law was killed when a bomb exploded in his car! Although Bianca managed to get her true love Alex back, both were stabbed after Jackie was released from the Angelica Roth (Robin Riker)!

The goal for the Regis clan was to gain control of DeVanity and crush the competition- it all came down at the art gallery when Andrew announced he had ripped the company out from under Jason! Just when you thought the DeVanity's had been beat, they returned with vengence! Thanks to a codicil sent to his father Richard DeVanity's (Max Caulfield) sister Francesca (Charlene Tilton), control reverted back to Jason upon his sibling's relinquishment of their shares. However, getting the codicil proved a little difficult when Francesca refused to turn it over unless Jason slept with her! While Jason refused to lower himself, it was his best friend Alex that did the deed to ensure DeVanity's future. Needless to say Preston was not happy by this development and last we saw, Lara was hit by a car before Jason could tell her he'd fallen in love with her! Question is, did she survive? Who mowed her down? It all remains to be seen....

So what's in store for the final season? In an RHeart exclusive, I spoke to Sheree J. Wilson (Claudia Mueller; Dallas, Walker Texas Ranger) about her experience as a guest star on this hit webseries.

Wilson had nothing but admiration for the small crew that manages to create such an intricate production, especially on a shoestring budget. Not a stranger to webseries, she relished the chance to play an evil character like Claudia Mueller, who definitely left quite a wake after her little chat with Jason. I can't divulge what exactly she does, but let's just say if you think Lara and Portia are bitches it's easy to see where they get it from! When creator Michael Caruso approached Wilson about guest starring, it didn't take long for her to agree, impressed with the writing and quality of the production. Her favorite part filming? "Dressing up, putting all that moxy on and sass and sprinkling instead of your magical fairy dust, your evil dust and going in guns blazing!" That she did!

Wilson has a special place in her heart for soap operas. "My mother watched Days of Our Lives as long as I can remember growing up. They're over the top, they take drama and push the envelope and push the edges which is nothing but pure fantasy and fun. [You] can be twice as evil and shock and insane with every emotion that is like heightened to its' extreme. And that's what i love about soaps."

The webseries world has exploded and one of the things Wilson loves is the fact that filmmakers young and old can have a voice, an expression for people to see across the globe. "You're not just waiting for your next television series or film. I love the fact my children, his friends are little filmmakers, they go out and shoot whether it's skateboarding, or whatever they want." She adds, "It's not like having to have NBC, ABC, CBS to sell content to different parts of the market. Everything is so accessible, which is another reason webseries are so great."

Wilson had this to say of her experience filming DeVanity, "Just when you think you've pushed the limit too far, you haven't and you can go further."

Season 4 is chock full of soapy guest stars including Sheree J. Wilson, Dallas alum Steve Kanaly, One Life To Live's Andrea Evans and Kyle Lowder who will reprise his role as Andrew Regis. Gordon Thomson, most known as Adam Carrington on Dynasty, returns as a series regular as 'Godfather' Preston Regis. There are a few new faces including Tiffany Michelle and Timothy Hammer set to add a little beef to the cast.

To say Season 4 pushes the envelope of emotions is an understatment! DeVanity's final curtain begins Thursday February 13, 2014 and RHeart's 'Talk Dirty To Me' resumes the same date at 9pm (PST) with special guest Sheree J. Wilson. We spoke about her time on Dallas, Larry Hagman's final days, Walker Texas Ranger and of course DeVanity so you won't want to miss it!

Catch up on DeVanity and watch Seasons 1-3.

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