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Detroit Write A House now accepting applications; offers free home to winner

Detroit Write A House now accepting applications
Detroit Write A House now accepting applications
Write A House

Back in December, Detroit Writing Examiner wrote an article singing praises to the latest creation in the Detroit arts community, Write A House. In 2013, Write A House was accepting names and emails to be included in their growing list of applicants interested in learning more about the program and to be notified when the first home was available for application submission.

That time has now come. Write A House is now accepting submissions for poetry, fiction, and non fiction writers until June 21, 2014.

There are some eligibility requirements and expectations to the winner of the first Write A House available. First, they have established income requirements. A family of one cannot make over $39, 750 and a family of two cannot make over $45, 450. There is a list available on their website for families with more members. Winners must be willing to engage with the Detroit literary community. One can’t simply win and then become a hermit.

The organization offers different methods of interaction because they feel that writers are some of the most diverse group of individuals when it comes to the writing community. It doesn’t matter if you want to “lead a literary salon, start a magazine, lead a neighborhood writing workshop, tutor kids, or quietly edit a great book blog from your home,” so long as you do something for the community.

The judges will be evaluating applicants based on their writing skill in each available genre. The finalists will then undergo a video interview with the founders of Write A House. The winner of the home is responsible for paying taxes and insurance on the home. It is also their responsibility to do any repairs and upkeep. The home must be the permanent residence and winners are welcome to bring their pets and family.

The first two years of living in the home is considered a probationary period. This is to see if the writer and Write A Home are compatible working together as a team. After two years, if all goes well, the winner will receive the deed to the home, free and clear. The winner must then hang on to the home for an additional three years before deciding whether or not they want to continue living in Detroit. If the winner decides to sell, they must give Write A Home first opportunity for purchase.

For the rules and regulations read here and if you are interested in applying, you can find the application for the Write A Home here.

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