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Detroit woman files lawsuit against Detroit police for shooting her dog 8 times

A necropsy determined that Lexi had 15 bullet holes in her body. After the officer shot the dog 3 times, the owner was told Lexi was being transferred to a vet, but she died on route.
Facebook Justice for Lexi

Brittany Preston of St. Clair Shores filed a lawsuit through her attorney Olson PLLC against the City of St. Clair Shores Police Officers, David Jacquemain, Jeremy Moskwa and Animal Control Officer, Tom Massey for shooting her dog for no reason.

According to CBS Detroit, Preston's dog, a one-and-a-half-year-old mixed breed named Lexi had escaped from her yard on November 22, 2013 when police were summoned to the 270000 block of Princeton. Residents and neighbors stated the dog was not vicious or aggressive, but had been barking.

Through records obtained by the Freedom of Information Act, a police dash camera video recorded the following disturbing conversation:

“The only thing I’m going to do is shoot it. I do not like dogs. I don’t do snares. I don’t do dogs. I’ll shoot the <expletive> thing” and “I’m gonna shoot it anyway."

Within minutes, Lexi was shot in front of Preston's grandfather who refuted the police officers claims that the dog tried to attack them.

The lawsuit claims, "it is unreasonable to show up for a barking dog complaint with an express premeditated intent to shoot her and then to repeatedly shoot her."

After the first three shots, Lexi crawled suffering into the nearby bushes. A necropsy later revealed that the examining veterinarian found 15 bullet holes in the dog, indicating the dog had been shot at least eight times. When the officer shot Lexi the fourth time, he was heard saying, "Just die dog, just die!"

According to the lawsuit, the officers then prepared reports omitting certain relevant information as to the grandfather stating that Lexi did not attempt to attack anyone, and shot Lexi four more times when the officers claimed the dog was being transported to an emergency vet facility and died on the way.

On January 6, a preliminary investigation by the St. Clair Shores Police Department cleared the officers from any wrongdoing.

Follow Lexi's battle for justice, even after her death on Facebook by clicking here.

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