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Detroit turnaround possible in less than four years

     As I visited various veterans’ groups yesterday in and around Detroit, I would occasionally find myself on the wrong street. Not being from Detroit, it was easy for me to get lost even with the map I purchased. But being in the less stable neighborhoods in Detroit brought me to the realization that Detroit could enjoy as fast a turnaround as Michigan if I’m elected.
     On my website (, I mention the importance of changing and eliminating the entitlement mentality in Michigan. Detroit is no different. When I see young people lined up to go to job fairs, it makes me feel good that, without regard to race or religion or age, the majority of Michigan residents believe in a solid work ethic.
     My plans for Detroit would be to build a massive mall like in Minneapolis but do it better. Build new stadiums for the Pistons and Red Wings as cornerstones, and the rest of this cultural and social gathering place will attract visitors from around the world as visitors get a taste of Michigan and especially Detroit’s vastly different backgrounds. And we would do it without public money; instead, we could partner with the ownership of these sports franchises and also invest in this Detroit overhaul plan with private/public partnerships and a vision that nobody in the rest of the country could ever imagine.
     I am different than any elected official you have ever seen because of my authenticity and passion. We should be the greatest state in the land. Detroit should be the safest and fastest-growing big city in the world. It just takes an honest leader like me to do it.
     If you believe in Detroit and Michigan like I do, please email me at You will never meet a more honest person. You can sleep well at night knowing that I am protecting your future, especially you folks in Detroit who have been through decades of neglect and corruption.


  • Wild Bill 5 years ago

    Sounds like the same old "If you build it, they will come" tripe other politicians have promised for years (Autoworld).

    The only way your mall will succeed is if the merchants take food stamps.

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