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Detroit to privatize garbage pick-up

Rizzo and Advance Disposal contracted to do trash pick ups
Rizzo and Advance Disposal contracted to do trash pick ups
Detroit News

Detroit, MI- With the ever increasing financial troubles seen in Detroit, the city has decided to hire private contractors to do trash pick-up. Starting on Monday, Southwest Detroit and Eastside residents will see Rizzo and Advance Disposal will do pick-ups on the West and Northwest sides beginning early June.

This decision come after a spokesman for the mayor announced this is a way to help clean the city up.

Residents will also have a choice to join a recycling program for an addition fee, if they should choose to do so.

Trash pick-up scheduled shouldn't be changed. Residents will receive notification via mail of any changes to their schedule, if there are any.

The Department of Works will be downsized from 190 to only 40 employees, whose primary job focus will be on illegal dumping. The City of Detroit will auction their remaining trucks online. \

What does this mean to the dislocated workers?

Both companies offered employment to the laid off workers, but most decline the opportunity. This move is projected to save the city $6 million a year. If the agreement is successful, it will be the biggest privatized arrangement in the city's history.

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