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Detroit teacher fired for breaking up violent classroom fight with broom

Screams and shouts of terrified students at the Pershing High School rang out on a Wednesday afternoon as one teacher intervened in a violent brawl of two boys in the classroom. The video that has gone viral has gotten national attention. Now the teacher is fired and Dr. Drew chimed in Wednesday with his panel to sound off on the matter. Pershing is known for its gang banging and brawls, and is one of the district's EAA (Education Achievement Authority) schools.

Pershing High School teacher fired for breaking up a violent fight with a broom.
Sima Ballinger

This isn't the first time Pershing has had violent occurrences at the school. Last year, more than 20 students were arrested by police and taken into custody for gang related activity. This kind of activity impedes the learning process and certainly puts a bad taste in the mouth of parents and the citizens of Detroit who are considering a high school. So then why was the teacher fired and what does Dr. Drew's panel have to say about this whole stinking matter?

First off, the teacher was fired based on the State of Michigan's violation of the corporal school code. In other words, the teacher is being accused of child abuse. Most of Dr. Drew's panel sided with the teacher for stopping the fight because there seemed no other recourse. The fight was recorded on tape, and after approximately 30 seconds the teacher took a broom and shouted, "STOP IT, STOP IT," as she swung the broom whereby inflicting a minor injury on one of the two male students in the fight.

Further investigation suggests that the teacher first tried calling for backup on her two-way radio at Pershing, but to no avail, because the phone was not operative. Do we give the teacher credit for making that effort? Or should the teacher have went to the door and called for help. It is easy looking from the outside to suggest that the teacher could have done more to solicit help - maybe even have a student leave the room and seek help. But it's too late for any of those actions.

On second thought, the student that taped the fighting session though it more important to tape the violent mad fight than seek help. Why didn't any of these students call for help? And what is the classroom action plan for violence? Furthermore, why were the students fighting each other? We do understand that the boys have been suspended for 10 days.

One high school student informed me that students like watching fights, and thrive off of drama. Our society is in a bad fix when incidences occur such as the fight between high school boys, and the focus seems to be more on the teacher than the actual fight itself. Fox 2 interviewed one of the students who was hit by the broom, and he said, "...she got what she deserved."

This is another wake up call at Pershing High School. Should the teacher be allowed back to her teaching post? What are your thoughts?

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