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Detroit Symphony Orchestra to feature Spielberg, Williams in June

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) will be featuring two special guests at an upcoming performance- Steven Spielberg and John Williams. The dynamic duo will take to the stage in this once-in-a-lifetime event, and are graciously donating their time at the fundraiser. Williams will conduct the orchestra through some of his most recognizable work, while Spielberg will make an appearance as host for the second half of the night.

Spielberg is a filmmaker known for directing impossibly awesome films including Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Lincoln and Jaws. He is a legend in Hollywood, known for his unbelievable talent and distinct eye for the perfect shot. Aside form his multiple Academy Awards and numerous Directors Guild of America triumphs, he also holds the prize for being the top-grossing directors of all time!

John Williams is a prolific artist and has scored all of the aforementioned films, and then some. In addition to his work on Spielberg films, he has also worked on iconic movies such as Star Wars, Superman, Harry Potter, War Horse and The Book Thief. He has been in the industry for sixty years, accomplishing a career rich in breadth and stunning in its creativity. Williams has been nominated for 49 Academy Awards, and is one of only two people who have had the honor of being nominated that many times.

The DSO is an internationally acclaimed orchestra that has performed with accomplished musicians from around the globe, and Detroit born-and-raised artists like Kid Rock and Smokey Robinson. The DSO performs at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.

The benefit concert and gala will be held on June 14, 2014. The proceeds from the event will go toward the orchestra. Tickets went on sale April 14, at 9 a.m., and were gone in record time. Ticket seekers stood in line for hours, while many even camped overnight to score seats to the show.

Most of the people waiting to buy tickets were fans of the infamous films and dressed accordingly. Some wore full regalia consisting of Stormtrooper garb while others donned the more conservative Darth Vader look. For those wondering, yes, Princess Leia was in the mix, showing off her double-buns and legendary ensemble. Luckily, dinosaurs were no where to be found and Jaws wasn't seen hanging around the Detroit River.

For tickets to other performances presented by the DSO, or for additional info, call the box office at 313.576.5111 or check out Tickets for the Spielberg/Williams event were virtually impossible to get since it sold out within minutes- even E.T. couldn't get through.

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