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Detroit self-defense training and fitness class

Youth practice high kicks during self-defense class
Youth practice high kicks during self-defense class
Teena Cathey

It’s that time of the year when kids are heading back to school. Some are excited and ready to make new friends or see old ones that they didn’t get to hang with all summer. Others are less excited to head back to school because of bullying.

Today kids get bullied not only in person, but over the internet as well. This is where My Tactical Advantage LLC comes in. Trae is the owner and head trainer at the MTA martial arts studio located in Detroit on Meyers Rd.

What My Tactical Advantage Offers

This studio doesn’t just teach you how to defend yourself, but how to love yourself. Most of the training is focused on building character, self-esteem and discipline. Here are the services they offer.

Trae is an ex Marine and has been training in Martial Arts since he was 4-years-old. After spending only a few hours with him it’s evident that he knows what he’s talking about. He’s adamant on helping you to understand why, how and when you should use certain defense tactics. He’s especially vocal about this when it comes to the kids.

Youth Training

If you want your kids to learn some type of discipline or want to help them build confidence and learn to defend themselves send them to My Tactical Advantage. Trae keeps the kids in line.

It’s not too late to get your child involved at this gym. For more information about getting your kid into a program at My Tactical Advantage or even inquiring about training for yourself then head on over to his website.

My Tactical Advantage LLC
16239 Meyers Rd
Detroit, MI

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