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Detroit's Mayor Dave Bing has banned reality tv crews from accompanying police on raids

Mayor Bing has terminated the practice of allowing reality tv crews tag along with police on raids.
Mayor Bing has terminated the practice of allowing reality tv crews tag along with police on raids.
Randy Jenkins

Mayor Dave Bing has made the determination to ban reality tv crews from accompanying police officers on raids in the wake of a 7 year old girl, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, being accidentally shot dead while sleeping on the couch during the execution of a police raid looking for a murder suspect gone bad.

Cameras from the reality crime show, "The First 48", were rolling while accompanying the Special Response Team of the Detroit Police Department on May the16th.

The details and specifics as to what happened varies.  One version of the story centers around an accidental shooting after a confrontation with Aiyana's grandmother inside the home, and another version disputes the confrontation with the grandmother and questions where the origin of the shot came from.

An investigation is underway by the Michigan State Department at the request of the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

U.S Rep John Conyers has asked the Justice Department to investigate the shooting.  In a letter to Eric Holder, Conyers said that he does not "prejudge the incident", but suggested that with Detroit suffering through a disturbing wave of violence, it is imperative that we take all possible steps to calm the situation, reassure the community that their safety is a national priority, and lessen the chance of future bloodshed.

In an interview on WJR AM760, Gov. Jennifer Granholm proclaimed that the state police are capable of a thorough and objective investigation.  She went on to say that there's nothing you can say or do that could make the family have her back, but clearly an investigation could reveal changes that need to be made to ensure it never happens again, and that's what the Michigan State Police are going to undertake.

As a result of the various investigations are scrutinized, the tactics, ways and means, the use of force, and the protocol for raids can be reviewed. Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans has proclaimed that the department will undergo a painful self-examination and that it won't be pretty, but it will be honest.

Mayor Bing spokeswoman, Karen Dumas stated that having reality tv crews on hand during raids gives the wrong appearance to the public that police may be altering their normal procedures to make for more interesting tv. 

FYI:  The murder suspect, Chauncey Owens who is 34, was arrested and charged.  He is presumed innocent and awaiting trial.

For information about "The First 48" show, please have a look at .

For information about the murder suspect, please visit .


  • C.P. 5 years ago

    It was so sad to watch the news when Aiyana was killed. The killings must end here in Detroit and other surrounding areas. I pray for a change. My prayer's are with the cop who shot Aiyana and also with her family.

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