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Detroit Police Chief tells homeowners don’t wait for cops – shoot thugs

Detroit street thugs and hood rats better beware, because unlike other cities like New York where you may get arrested for defending your family in your home, the Motor City is not one of those cities. That’s because the city’s top cop has given homeowners the green light to light up those street punks with hot lead and a possible coroner’s ride to the morgue if they entertain the thought of breaking into your home and castle, according to the Blaze.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig  Says arm the citizens with Guns to reduce Crime
photo credit Detroit CBS

The city has become a literal shooting gallery in several homes this week in Detroit where there have been at least four break-ins which resulted in four homeowners shot back and killed two assailants. Well it appears that Detroit Police Chief James Craig is not like those other gun control officials in Connecticut or New York, where stand your ground means run and hide.

Instead the Motor City police chief, do not call the cops when your weapon is a more viable option. This week he warned thugs, “A lot of good Detroiters are fed up,” Craig said. “The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves, reported the Blaze.

Criminals that prey on the innocent in the city were given some advise that could well keep them from sprouting daisies on their graves while they are six-feet under. Craig advised, “criminals in Detroit should know they shouldn’t just be afraid of the police — they should also be afraid of responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their homes,” according to the Blaze.

The police chief’s common sense approach to using the Second Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution certainly came in hand this week in Detroit when a woman with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a potential car jacker. In another instance that week a 17-year-old’s life was terminated when he broke into the wrong house, where the homeowner was armed and ready.

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