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Detroit Police Chief says shoot thugs – should he be new U.S. Attorney General?

Forget all the hand holding of criminals and the giving illegal aliens a free pass into this country to steal jobs, education, and medical care and even murder Americans, it is time for a change. America is fed up and like Detroiters they are not going to take it anymore. And based upon an emerging common sense no nonsense law enforcement official from the Motor City, America may just have the kind of kick- ass take no prisoners top cop the nation needs.

Detroit Police pro-gun shoot the thugs stand is why he should be U.S. Attorney General - photo credit - Detroit News
photo credit - Guns Save Us

With hood rats squirming and criminals making a bead out of town, the tough talking and acting top cop of Detroit has put the word out on the street that stick up artists and felons will not find victims anymore in Detroit’s homes… instead they will be on the business end of a gun spitting hot lead and sending them to an urban boot hill.

Can you truly think of another big city cop that deserves to be elevated to the big show as America’s Attorney General than Detroit Police Chief James Craig? Can you imagine him saying to illegal aliens and other nefarious criminal types what he said to Detroit muggers and stick up artists, “A lot of good Detroiters are fed up,” Craig said. “The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves,” reported the Cleveland Conservative Examiner.

Consider the contrast between a liberal apologist, “Fast and Furious” lying, Tea Party IRS White Washing, Second Amendment abridging and gun control pursuing Eric Holder and an American big city top cop like Chief Craig who puts America’s citizens and her innocents first, second and always?

The nation is at a crossroads between the submersion of U.S. Constitutional rights that the founding fathers lived, fought and died for and saving and preserving those rights for future generations. The nation’s top cop cannot be nor should be a law officer who first reaction to protecting America is to give in to gun control fanatics that care more about criminal rights than victim lives.

America deserves better than that, and its citizens deserve better than that from the top law enforcement officer of the nation. What do you think about a change in the seat at the U.S. Justice Department by placing the Detroit Police Chief who says “shoot the thugs” in Eric Holder’s leased chair?

The message is needed and so is the action at the top. Shouldn’t the nation have a top cop, with a “No more Mr. Nice Guy" approach in the nation’s capitol? The Attorney General should tell the criminals to put their guns down and not legal gun owners. The top law enforcement officials should tell the illegals to not just get out of Dodge but get the heck out of the country. This includes every single illegal alien swimming in the Rio Grande or those who are walking around on American streets.

This is the type of real tough talk an Attorney General James Craig would bring to the national stage. He meant it when he said, “criminals in Detroit should know they shouldn’t just be afraid of the police — they should also be afraid of responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their homes,” according to the Cleveland Conservative Examiner.

So talk amongst yourselves and “Like’ and Share … Maybe the president will get the message when 1 million or more voices say protect America – send one top cop to D.C. to bring back American justice!

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