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Detroit Police Chief James Craig: Defies brazen death threat via social media

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Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed his recent death threat that came by way of social media. Craig defies this death threat saying that this will do nothing at all to deter him or the police department from curtailing crime. The threat was made by a gang member, who police believe may be part of a criminal narcotic network.

According to USA Today on Feb. 24 the death threat was “We need to clap him out,” which is another way of saying shooting someone to death. This simple line conveyed through social media is a brazen display of criminal mentality, who apparently believe they are above the law.

Detroit police make about 35 raids a week on confirmed drug dens and this threat will do nothing at all to stop this. The top players in the drug rings realize that these raids started when Craig arrived last summer. These raids not only shut down the drug trade, but it shuts down the streams of revenue that some of these criminals have gotten very used to.

Those who supported the message to “clap him out” are also being sought by police today. Craig gave very little by the way of details of this threat, such as its origin, but he did say in an open message to the people behind this threat:

“We will find you and we’re going to dismantle your criminal enterprise.”

Craig continued by saying:

"No way will we back off," he said. "You don't get to threaten a police chief. You threaten a police chief, you threaten every member of that police department. You threaten a police chief, and you threaten every member of our community. That's not acceptable.”

The Chief said that they will work to dismantle the drug network and added that the effort to do this will extend beyond Detroit’s city borders.