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Detroit police chief James Craig: Defiant despite social media death threat
Detroit police chief James Craig speaks Sunday about the threat on his life.

Detroit police Chief James Craig stood tall during a press conference Sunday, and responded to a social media death threat made against him with words that were equally strong: “No way will we back off. You don't get to threaten a police chief.”

The Detroit Free Press on Sunday said that a purported gang member, who is likely one of hundreds of criminals whose illegal narcotic network has taken a hit, made the death threat against Craig.

“We need to clap him out,” Craig said the man wrote, referring to a slang expression for a shooting death.

Despite the threat, Craig is undeterred, and took the unusual step to throw down a challenge of sorts by publicizing the attempted intimidation. Under Craig’s oversight, an average of 35 drug raids per week have taken place.

“We will find you,” Craig said to the anonymous threat maker, “and we're going to dismantle your criminal enterprise.”

“No way will we back off,” he said. “You don't get to threaten a police chief. You threaten a police chief, you threaten every member of that police department. You threaten a police chief, and you threaten every member of our community. That's not acceptable… This reiterates that we're doing the right thing.”

The FBI is investigating the threat, which Craig did not elaborate on. Craig said officials from the Michigan Attorney's Office, the Michigan State Police and the Detroit Crime Commission are all assisting, not only to back trace the origin of the threat, but also to investigate those who commented in support of the threat.

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