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Detroit Police Chief James Craig: Concealed carry reduces crime

Chief James Craig talks to reporters about 9 person shooting at barber shop
Chief James Craig talks to reporters about 9 person shooting at barber shop
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

The legally armed citizen deters crime . . .

On December 19, 2013, Chief James Craig, the police chief of Detroit, made a startling revelation for a guy employed by a liberal city government. Something that has to have the hard core liberal in that government apoplectic with rage at the denial of one of the cornerstones of the liberal cause celebre’: a disarmed society is a ‘safe’ society.

In 2012, Detroit was listed as America’s most dangerous city for the fourth year in a row. 2,137 violent crimes per 100,000 people, down 10% from 2011. Detroit ranks 5th in robberies and 3d in violent assaults committed against its citizens by criminals. An incredible statistic in the face of a city that has seen a drop in population of 200,000 over the last decade. In 2012, there were 344 murders in Detroit (47.5 per 100,000), down from a high of 395 a decade ago. The murder rate in 2011 was 55 murders per 100,000 population. Detroit had as many murders as New York City (NYC). However, Detroit has only 1/10th the population of NYC.

However, the reality in the murder rate is that most of the homicides are committed by gang members, because of gang conflicts. The killer and the killed know each other and are engaged in hostile armed actions against the other’s gang using illegal firearms in spite of all the laws the liberals have passed to diminish the use of firearms as a tool in the war between the gangs over drugs. There is a war in our cities over drugs and places to sell drugs that results in a high percentage of the murders involving minorities, particularly black Americans. A war that is not new, that is decades old and for which the liberal governments of these cities and our nation have no solution, other than to disarm and make more vulnerable the law abiding inhabitants of the cities. A war that has cost the U.S. taxpayer $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 TRILLION) since 1971.

For some reason, the left in this country believe that disarming the law abiding citizen reduces crime. It does not, and never has done anything other than to create criminal safe zones, to encourage violent crime, and making mass murders in schools and other public places possible. Passing do nothing laws is never a solution to anything. Even Barack Hussein Obama voted against a use of firearms as a last resort in self-defense of one’s life in one’s own home as an IL state senator. President Obama would rather see our women and children raped and killed than to use a firearm in one’s own home to defend one’s life and the lives of one’s family against the criminal intruder–as long as it is not his wife and kids, of course. Incredible. Simply incredible.

However, Detroit Police Chief James Craig has come to understand that the law abiding firearms owner reduces crime, making those localities where lawful concealed carry is the law safer than any liberal, criminal infested city where the gun laws penalize the law abiding and benefit the criminal.

Chief Craig’s experience included 28 years on the City of Los Angeles Police Department where he was in a position during his career to process concealed weapons permits. The policy was to deny them, so that is what he did. Then, in 2009, he became the police chief of Portland, Maine. His attitude towards concealed carry by law abiding citizens took a 180 degree turn.

Chief Craig became aware of the low crime rate in Maine in general. He recognized that there was a direct correlation between lawful concealed carry and the low crime rate. Chief Craig went from denying CCW permits to recognizing the benefit of CCW in a locality, and now supports concealed carry by law abiding citizens. He now realizes what the NRA and other firearms Second Amendment support groups have been saying all along and what the Supreme Court recognized in the Heller decision, and the 7th Court of Appeals in Moore, which forced the State of IL to recognize the right to carry a firearm for self defense outside of the home.

Detroit’s law abiding armed citizens who have CCW permits have as yet not produced the unmitigated slaughter of their neighbors that is the mantra of the left.

Sandy Hook, the theater shooting in Aurora, CO, the university shooting in VA could never have happened without the liberal supported laws that denied law abiding citizens the right to carry.

How one feels is irrelevant. Facts are the only basis for decisions, but the liberal denies truth and fact in favor of how they feel and their perception of reality. They delude themselves with their lies, but put all of at risk with their insane perception of reality and their desire to control our lives.

Sandy Hook happened, because $685.86M in DHS homeland security grants were spent on other priorities than the schools, schools which held our most precious resource, our future, our children. Schools which should have been the FIRST layer of infrastructure hardened against armed attack. Only the liberal would deny the kids the protection of an armed guard making the sick, demented and idiotic argument that if a firearm is present in the hands of trained staff, security guard, or police officer, that firearm will be used to harm the children. This is the mantra of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. This is why most of America’s elementary and secondary schools do not have armed staff and/or armed guards/police.

The NEA has a publically expressed policy supporting and encouraging the homosexual agenda against the traditional family and traditional marriage. Protecting our children from the threat of an armed attack does not rise to the level of offending the homosexual agenda and the secular, atheist liberal agenda.

For the liberal, the most important issue is the removal of God from our public view, our speech, to make man the only arbiter of morality and right and wrong. For the liberal, the idea of our rights being natural, being endowed by a Creator are sacrilege and must be erased from the public memory through the education system.

What is the purpose of gun control laws? Control of the population. Without disarming the public, there can be no effective control of the masses. Ask any of the despots of the 20th century–Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Kim Il Jung, Castro et al.

Unfortunately, Chief Craig is the lap dog of the Mayor of Detroit. He will enforce the liberal policies, if he wants to keep his job. However, he has seen and recognized the truth of the issue of the impact of lawful concealed carry on crime. Crime is reduced by lawful concealed carry.

Now, when are the rest of the liberal slaves in this country going to figure out what Chief Craig figured out?

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