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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: Will there ever be a win?

Hey Josh Smith: Try to be better at basketball.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Honestly, I am quite fed up with the Pistons at the moment. I should get one of those shirts I remember from my youth that parodied the FedEx logo and said "FedUp with boys" but only I would then put some sort of tape with writing on it over "boys" to indicate it is, in fact, the Detroit Pistons I am quite irked by at the moment. Here they are, in the Eastern Conference, where a team doesn't even need to sniff .500 to make the playoffs. Look at the talent. Josh Smith. Brandon Jennings. Guys who have actually played well. This is definitely a team that SHOULD make the playoffs.

Instead, they have currently lost six in a row, and none of the games finished all that close. They've lost to team they need to be beating. They are currently 14-22. Tonight, they play the 76ers, who they should beat, but how can I have any trust in that to happen? Smith has been awful, and the team pretty much needs to trade Greg Monroe now so they can move J-Smoove to power forward and just hope that salvages him. Cheeks is about what I expected, which is to say not good. This team should have a better record. If it doesn't turn things around, houses will be cleared. Joe Dumars is managing generally for his job. Or at least he should be. 2004 was a decade ago, dude.

Anyway, the Pistons are about to have a very light week, which is perhaps for the best. They only play two games. One tomorrow, and one next Friday. Maybe it is for the best. They can't hurt us as much that way. Saturday they play the Phoenix Suns at home. The Suns have been the opposite of the Pistons; a pleasant surprise. However, Eric Bledsoe is now hurt, which limits them a bit. The Pistons could win this, but I think Detroit will win. Friday, they host the Jazz. Hey, at least Michigan fans can see Trey Burke. The Jazz aren't good, but they have been better since Burke got healthy. I think Detroit actually wins here. They have to win eventually. Everybody wins eventually.

The Pistons can still turn this around. They have the talent. They have the assets. Let's make it happen.

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