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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: Rock bottom

When one watches Josh Smith, one must be careful not to turn into Josh Smith.
When one watches Josh Smith, one must be careful not to turn into Josh Smith.
Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Existential Update: A couple days ago, when the Pistons lost to the Cavs on a last second shot, I was disappointed that Detroit had suffered a defeat, but I was happy Cleveland had gotten a win, because that keeps them ahead of Detroit in the standings. The Pistons currently are clinging to that eighth pick in the draft, but I still feel concern. I hope they can manage to drop one more spot to seventh. At this point, if somebody jumps them, suddenly they aren't picking in the top eight anymore, and they lose their draft pick. I know the Pistons could just as easily end up with a top three pick in the lottery, but those sort of positive notions disappear in the wind. It's the nightmares that stick in your craw.

Also of concern is Detroit's upcoming schedule. They have five games in this upcoming week. That includes Saturday's game in Philadelphia. The 76ers have tied the NBA record for consecutive losses. If they don't beat the Pistons, they break the record. They are awful. They are abysmal. I don't know if they can beat Detroit. This is looking like a win for the Pistons, which is both nice and potentially damaging.

Then, on Monday, the Pistons have to host the Bucks! That's the two worst teams in the league back-to-back. How are you supposed to lose games like that? I also can't really see Detroit losing this one. The Sixers and Bucks are fixin' to lose, and they have the rosters to do it. I guess all we can do is hope the Cavs and Knicks pull off some wins too.

After that, there are a couple games that don't look so good for Detroit. On Wednesday they visit Indiana and then on Friday they visit Brooklyn. Those should both be losses. Even with the Pacers' struggles recently, they will beat the Pistons at home. Lastly, on Saturday the Pistons host the Celtics. This one is a bit of a tossup. Boston isn't very good, but they have some talent, and don't seem as intent at losing. Danny Ainge doesn't seem too hot on this draft class. So maybe the Pistons will lose.

Still, they might win, and I could see Detroit going 3-2 in these games. They would still have less than 30 wins on the season, but they would also get precariously close to losing their pick to the Bobcats. This pick is all they have. It's all we have. I will go down with this ship.