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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: On the road once more

Greg Monroe and the Pistons are out West this week.
Greg Monroe and the Pistons are out West this week.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Have the Pistons begun their slide, and will they slide enough to keep their draft pick? After being ninth in the East for quite some time, Detroit is now 25-40 and sitting in 11th, behind Cleveland and New York. They've lost plenty of games recently, but they beat the Knicks and Kings, two teams they are "fighting" for ping pong balls with. While it is nice to see the Pistons win, something we have not seen a ton of this year, now such wins are, in a sense, hurting the team's future. Not good times. Not good times at all.

Tonight, the Pistons host the Pacers, and that should be a loss. Then, Detroit is off to the West where they have four road games in a row. That's usually a recipe for a handful of losses, but here's a closer look at the three games the Pistons play next week.

First, on Wednesday the Pistons are in Denver. The Nuggets are having a rough year, but they are still better than Detroit, and they are still at home. Plus, Denver tends to have a more notable home-court advantage than others. I expect this to be a loss. Then, on Friday, the Pistons head to Phoenix. The Suns were expected to be bad, but they are actually pretty good. The Pistons, meanwhile, are sort of the opposite of that. They are a disappointment where the Suns are a surprise. Detroit should lose this game. Lastly, on Saturday the Pistons visit the Clippers. Yeah, that's a loss. Big time loss.

So, it's looking like a few more losses for the Pistons. Business as usual. Can't we just open our Christmas presents early and have Joe Dumars removed as General Manager? That's about all we have left. That, and the hope the Pistons will be able to keep their draft pick. Remember when this team used to make the Eastern Conference Finals every year?