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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: No more snow outs

Andre Drummond will be at All-Star Weekend, but he's got more games first.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This week was kind of unusual for the Pistons, and not just because they actually won a game. Their matchup with the Hawks was cancelled because the city of Atlanta fell apart because of a bit of snow and ice. Obviously, as somebody from Michigan, I was a bit baffled by their complete and utter ability to handle this situation. People were abandoning their cars! Nobody had ever heard of rock salt apparently! So yeah, the game had to be rescheduled for April. Now, the Pistons get a bit of time off, until they return to action Saturday. They've got four games in this upcoming week. Here's the scoop.

First, Detroit hosts Philadelphia on Saturday. The Pistons are the better team, they are at home, and they are well-rested. The Pistons handled the Magic, and I think they will handle the 76ers. Then on Monday they visit the Heat. So, there's a loss. The Heat may even rest their major players for that one.

On Wednesday, the Pistons and the Magic square off again, this time in Orlando. Detroit beat them by almost 20 at home. I think they will eke this one out, but it will be a close one. Lastly, on Friday, the Pistons host the Nets. This is another close one in my mind. Brooklyn is playing better, but they still aren't that good, and Detroit is at home. Having said that, I think I have to go with a Detroit loss here.

So, there's a chance the Pistons go 3-1 here, and probably go 2-2. Maybe they go 1-3, with Josh Smith shooting a million bad threes. February is here, and the season gets closer and closer to ending. Can the Pistons figure things out to make the playoffs? We can only hope.

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