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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: I feel nothing

Oh, Andre Drummond. You are too beautiful for this world.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We've hit that point of the season. I am now largely ambivalent to each Pistons loss. They've lost four in a row, and on Saturday they are in LA to face the Clippers, which will almost assuredly be a loss. It just doesn't matter now. Losing increases their chances of keeping their draft pick. They aren't going to make the playoffs. I am not going so far as to root for defeat. I wouldn't even necessarily be disappointed with a win or two. But, you know, losses are whatevs now. And there should be plenty more of those... except maybe this week, where they have four games.

First, on Monday, the Pistons are in Utah. Both Detroit and Utah are looking for losses and draft positioning. Both aren't very good. The Pistons have more talent, but they are on the road. Earlier in the year, I'd pick the Pistons to win. Now I just don't know. Maybe the world will rend in two and none of us will have to deal with this. There is no more beauty. Also, I'll take Detroit to lose.

Then, on Wednesday, the Pistons host the Cavaliers. Cleveland is even more disappointing than Detroit, but they still sort of seem to want to win. They are tired of going to the Draft Lottery. This is another eminently winnable game for the Pistons, but I'll take them to lose in a tossup as well. Friday, Detroit hosts the Heat. I bet they rest LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. I bet the Pistons still lose.

Lastly, in the stuff of nightmares, next Saturday the Pistons visit the 76ers. Philly has an abysmal roster. They have lost 23 games in a row. They are awful. Truly awful. And yet... they are going to win eventually, right? That's probably going to happen. Will they win at home against Detroit? Possibly. Maybe. I can't call that, though. I have to call the Pistons to win.

I am as interested in rooting for teams fighting for draft positioning with the Pistons to win as I am in rooting for Detroit to win. At least baseball season is almost here. Go Tigers!

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