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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: Garbage basketball

You stare into Josh Smith long enough, and he stares back.
You stare into Josh Smith long enough, and he stares back.
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Honestly, I am now officially, as opposed to unofficially, fed up with the Detroit Pistons. They are now 17-25, which isn't terrible in terms of the Eastern Conference playoff race. However, two of their recent losses were at home to the JAZZ, and then they lost to the BUCKS. It doesn't matter they were on the road. They could have been playing underwater, with the Bucks in scuba suits, and the Pistons should have still won. As I write this, Tas Melas is naming the Pistons the Worst of the Week on The Starters. Things are bad. I'm all out of hope. I'm all out of love.

Alas, the season continues, marching ceaselessly to its merciful end. The Pistons have four games upcoming, including tonight's home game against the Pelicans. That's going to be a loss. Get used to that word for this article. On Sunday, the Pistons are in Dallas. They aren't as good as the Mavericks. They are on the road. Detroit will lose. Meanwhile, Monta Ellis has become more efficient while Josh Smith is shooting threes like its the last days on Earth.

Tuesday, at home the Pistons take on the Magic. They should win this game. Orlando is building for the future, and they have lost a lot of games recently. Some in Orlando would probably even prefer a loss. Detroit could definitely win this one, and perhaps they will. However, I refuse to put that trust into them. I'm calling for a loss. Then on Wednesday the Pistons visit the Hawks. Yeah, that's a loss.

Detroit will probably go 1-3 this week, but if they go 0-4 it wouldn't surprise me. This team won't make the playoffs. They probably won't be bad enough to keep their draft pick. Things are bad for the Pistons. Things are bad for America.