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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: Death vs. the West

Here's a picture of Kyle Singler for the sake of variety.
Here's a picture of Kyle Singler for the sake of variety.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Well, all the remaining joy is pretty much drained from this Pistons season. Detroit returned from the All-Star break to lose back-to-back games against the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats are, of course, the team Detroit is competing for a playoff spot with. The Pistons also did nothing at the trade deadline. They are sticking with this poorly conceived roster that has only gotten them to this point so far. Good times. Hey, at least they beat the Hawks in their last game.

The Pistons host the Mavericks tonight, a game they will likely lose. They then play three games in the upcoming week, taking them into March. First, on Monday they host Golden State. The Warriors are a better team than the Pistons, even if they've had some issues. If Andrew Bogut is still hurt, maybe the Pistons will win. I doubt it, though. At least Steph Curry is fun to watch.

Then, on Wednesday, Detroit visits San Antonio. The Spurs are dealing with injury issues, but they have still continued to win more or less. On the road, I see no way the Pistons win this game. Then, on Saturday, the Pistons are in Houston. Yeah, that's another loss. Andre Drummond against Dwight Howard should be fun, at least. Maybe?

Anyway, I don't see the Pistons winning any of their next four games. They are 23-32 right now, and the playoff hopes are getting dimmer by the day. Joe Dumars should get his resume ready. I don't think he gets the chance to hire another head coach or handle another offseason. As it should be.