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Detroit Pistons' week ahead: Battle of the Miserables

Josh Smith and the Pistons play the Knicks this week. You've been warned.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, I guess the Pistons' season is going to continue. Making the playoffs is basically a non-starter now, despite the big additions this offseason. They've lost six of their last seven. Of course, they won their three games before that, but that doesn't fit into the narrative. What does fit, however, is their 23-35 record. Tonight, the Pistons visit the Rockets for another loss. Then, in the next week, they play three games. Here's a look at these matchups.

First, on Monday, we've got a bleak, bleak game. Detroit is hosting New York. The Pistons have been a disappointment, but the Knicks have been a nightmare. Their future is even bleaker than Detroit's. The Pistons should win this game. Maybe it will finally get Mike Woodson fired, giving Mo Cheeks some company.

Wednesday, Detroit hosts Chicago. The Bulls have overcome the loss of Derrick Rose and the trade of Luol Deng. They are quite good. The Pistons are going to loss. Lastly, on Friday they visit Minnesota. The Timberwolves have had a disappointing record, but they are better than the Pistons. This shall be another loss for Detroit.

At best, I expect the Pistons to win one of their next three games. The season is heading toward a close. They will play their 60th game next week. At the Sloan Conference, Kirk Goldsberry gave a presentation about the new stat he and some other guys are working on. The two guys who have been the worst in this new stat, called EPV? Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings. Good times. Enjoy the final days of your tenure as GM, Joe.

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