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Detroit Pistons name Stan Van Gundy new President and Head Coach

After a challenging season and the fate of the Pistons unknown, owner Tom Gores formally presented Stan Van Gundy as their new President and Head Coach on Thursday, May 15th at the Palace of Auburn Hills during a press conference.

Over 300 people from the press and various media outlets were in attendance as the thoroughly prepared Van Gundy answered tough questions about the future of the team. His headstrong attitude and passion was evident, as he stated his belief in the responsibility of success falling on the shoulders of all in the organization.

“There’s no excuses now,” Van Gundy said. “What happens a lot of times in this thing is – and I know because I talk to coaches all the time. Coaches say, ‘I’m doing a great job but this guy is not getting me good enough players.’ And the front office is telling ownership, ‘We put together a great roster and the coach is screwing it up.’ There’s none of that anymore. It’s on us to get it done.”

During his interview, Van Gundy met with Gores for over six hours equipped with a 45-page plan for the Pistons and a 500-page playbook. There’s no denying that the well-respected and former Miami Heat and Orlando Magic head coach is ready to take Detroit by storm. And, with a five-year deal worth $35 million, fans are hoping he will.

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