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Detroit Pistons draft Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie is now a Piston.
Spencer Dinwiddie is now a Piston.
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After the Detroit Pistons lost their first round pick, my enthusiasm for the 2014 NBA Draft cratered. For the record, Nik Stauskas went with the eighth pick the Pistons would have had, and he would have been perfect for Detroit. However, the Pistons still had a pick, the 38th overall selection. With the first pick of the Stan Van Gundy era, the Pistons took Spencer Dinwiddie, a point guard from Colorado.

When the first round ended, I was actually kind of enthused. Thanks to the depth of this draft, and some odd picks (I'm looking at you, Toronto), the Pistons had the chance to get a first round talent in the second round, and they did. Had Dinwiddie gone in the first round, it would not have been surprising, and it would have been a lock if not for his injury. Dinwiddie was leading the Buffaloes to a nice seed for the tourney when he tore his ACL. However, he should be fully healthy and ready to go now. There is no reason to fear. He's not Joel Embiid, you know? Also, it would be amazing if the Pistons had Embiid. Let us not overreact to injuries.

Dinwiddie, in addition to having an amusing name and swarthy mustache, is a 6'6'' point guard. He ranks 26th in Kevin Pelton's WARP projections for this draft class. We're dealing with projections on your players based on college numbers and such, but it is a tool worth paying attention to. Dinwiddie can be a combo guard in this league, because he shoots well enough, including from outside, to play the 2, especially with his size. The draft card calls on him the "anti-Brandon Jennings." Based on how this season went for Jennings, that sounds good to me, especially since they already have a Brandon Jennings.

So, it seems the Pistons may have gotten one guy worth keeping even though they only had one second round pick.