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Detroit pastors helped bring on Utash beating

In the wake of a group of Detroiters savagely beating a man who had stopped to check on a child he had inadvertently hit with his truck, we are hearing all kinds of lamentations. Yesterday Detroit pastor Larry Simmons asked during his Sunday sermon, “What’s wrong with us?”

He might want to be more careful of the questions he asks, because he might not like the real, honest answers.

He might not like hearing that it's, to a degree, the fault of Detroit pastors who preach the Bible and 'doing the right thing' yet vote for and openly support politics and politicians who hear no such preaching and for whom doing the right thing means merely getting elected and reelected.

He might not like hearing that, in encouraging his parishioners to vote for candidates who, we will say it, are of the liberal Democratic persuasion, he has brought on exactly this kind of hatred, this lack of respect for life and doing the right thing. He may not like hearing that the destruction of the family, brought on by the policies of the people he and his Churches tend to support, has led to acts like these.

He might not like hearing that, when you support policies which do not respect life from the very start, policies generally put in place and driven by the folks too many Detroiters vote for (when they bother to vote), then you will get beatings such as the one Steve Utash suffered. You vote for people who support abortion and euthanasia, who do not support life at its weakest, then you get a generation which does not really support life at all, at any stage.

What's wrong with us, Reverend Simmons? With the slightest bit of introspection, you might well answer your own question.

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