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Detroit mother protects her kids by firing shots at teens invading her home

Detroit Police Chief James Craig defended the mother's actions against intruders.
Detroit Police Chief James Craig defended the mother's actions against intruders.
Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

One mother has had enough of teenagers trying to break into her home on Detroit’s west side. She ended up firing shots at three of them as they tried to come into her home uninvited on Monday evening. According to the Detroit Free Press on Feb. 19, the mom-of-two grabbed her assault rifle when she heard the young men trying to break down her back door.

The mother and her two young kids were upstairs when she realized what was happening. The whole incident was caught on camera as the three home invaders were seen on the back porch kicking in the back door. The woman warned them that she had a gun after they made their way into her home. One of the hooded teens had what looked to be a real gun in his hand that he had dropped in the snow. However, it turned out to be a fake.

The thugs were bold enough to head back towards the house, thinking the mom was lying about having a gun. She then started fired shots at them and all three ran away. No one got hurt in the incident.

"I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house and they challenged me and said 'no you don't have a gun' so that's when I shot off the first round," she told WYYZ in Detroit.

The three boys were only identified as 14-year-old twin brothers and a 15-year-old who had all been in trouble with the law in the past. Luckily, they were caught and two of them have home invasion charges against them. However, one of the teens is said to not be facing any charges and was let go.

This family also had another break in attempt just two weeks ago, which is why they decided to install a security camera outside their home. The woman’s husband gave her the rifle around the same time, just in case something like this ever happened. He said that he is thankful that she used it as he showed her and that his family is now safe.

When asked how she felt about the whole incident, the mom, who chose not to be identified, said, “I wasn’t feeling anything at the moment. I got scared afterwards.”

Sgt. Michael Woody gave a warning to others as he said, “The Detroit police doesn’t have any more patience for criminals in this city. We will get you, we will find you and you will go to jail.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig responded to the video saying that he believed that the mother did the right thing in protecting her kids and her home, especially since the video showed some aggressive behavior from the boys. He also applauded the quick work of his police force to bring the teens in so quickly.

The video has been seen many times and it is sure to conjure up opinions on whether gunfire should have been used to protect her family. She did what she had to do or it might have ended up entirely different.

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