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Detroit Metromix's annual "best of " list makes bar lovers play favorites

Metromix Detroit

One of the crown jewels of Internet who's-who and what's-what sites, Metromix, has compiled their annual "Best Of" list, giving lovers of all things cool a chance to cast their vote for their ultimate faves. And what could possibly be more of a favorite than a bar? Sure, people have their favorite stores, restaurants and sports teams but a bar has the ability to be an oasis; a relaxing paradise of ones choosing that can either lend itself as a crazy dance club or a mellow, laid back establishment. In the same way a pet can look like its owner, a patron can look like their bar ... you get the the picture.

There are five metro-Detroit bars that are up for voting, which will be tabulated later this month (so get those votes in!). To secure some variety in the matter, Metromix picked bars from various locales and suburbs within the city. Included are: Northern Lights Lounge, the Bosco, BlackFinn restaurant and saloon, Bookies bar and grille and Pulse. Below is a link to the bars section of the "Best Of" listing which details each bars atmosphere and offerings. As always, vote for something you actually enjoy or have been to ... and if any of them catch your attention then you're encouraged to visit said location in order to educate yourself. Happy bar-hopping!