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Detroit may deserve its image

These are the things which make Detroit seem so bad: a driver who apparently stopped to check on an 11 year boy (at least one report claims the youngster was 9, for what that's worth) he hit was beaten by a crowd and now lies in a hospital in serious condition. A bystander said 'he got his'.

That's more than we know. What we do know is that he stopped, which is what he should have done, and is now severely injured because of it. Knowing now that this could be the reaction one could face if unfortunate or irresponsible enough to strike someone with their motor vehicle, what type of behavior are Detroiters encouraging?

We fully realize the driver may have been negligent. But we don't know that; kids have been known to run into streets for years. Yet even then, when he attempts to follow up properly, should he become subject to vigilante justice?

Of course not. But our advice now to anyone who strikes a pedestrian in Detroit is to drive off, leave the scene, and go to the nearest police station and report the incident, while using their cell to explain what happened and alert an ambulance. Turn yourself over to authorities first; the neighbors may well have no sense of justice.

This cannot be blamed on the Emergency Manager. The fault lies right at the feet of Detroit residents too lost in their own pity and self righteousness to actually try to do the right thing. Look in the mirror, Detroit, before you blame everyone else for your troubles.

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