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Detroit man is severely beaten after stopping to help boy he hit with truck

Detroit driver in critical condition after beating.
Detroit driver in critical condition after beating.
Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

A Detroit man is listed in critical condition after being beaten by a group of men after getting out of his vehicle to check on a boy that he struck with his truck. According to the Detroit Free Press on April 3, the incident happened on Detroit’s east side on Wednesday afternoon.

The 54-year-old driver supposedly hit the 11-year-old boy with his truck accidentally as he was trying to cross the intersection. The man realized what happened and stopped to get out of his vehicle to tend to the child. Before he got to him, a group of people started beating on him. The injuries he sustained is said to be bad enough that he could possibly die.

Several neighbors came out to help the boy when he started screaming after he was hit and saw him laying on the ground. Witnesses also said that they saw a group of men attacking the driver at that point.

“My understanding is that it was a low-speed accident. It was exactly that — just an accident,” Detroit police Sgt. Michael Woody said. “The man did try to stop and render aid. He did everything he could exactly right.”

He also mentioned that the boy was struck as he was stepping off the curb trying to cross the street. A Clark gas station, a pizza place and a liquor store are all located at the busy intersection where the accident happened. Kids are said to be running around that area quite a bit. This case is not being treated as a hit-and-run because the driver stopped to help instead of running off.

"The guy never tried to flee the scene," Woody said. "He got out to check on the child and was assaulted by people in the neighborhood."

The police are still searching for the individuals that are responsible for the beating and to find out why they chose to attack him so badly.

While the driver is in critical condition, the young boy is said to have non-life threatening injuries, possibly a broken leg from the accident. They were both taken to St. John for treatment.

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