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Detroit makes Wall Street Journal list of places least likely to find love

Wall Street Journal
Chrystal Mahan/ WSJ

The Wall Street Journal published an article in the February 13 newspaper naming “The Best Places to Find Love.” WSJ in conjunction with Facebook ranked over 50 U.S. cities to see where singles are looking for love and where they are finding it.

There were five categories

· Highest likelihood of relationship

· Most single females per single male

· Most single male’s pre single female

· Lowest likelihood of relationship

· Lease likely for love

According to the WSJ, “many have tried using the U.S. census data to rank cities based on each one’s singles population.” Problem was Facebook had something the U.S. census doesn’t have, real-time relationship status for over half of the American population. So, for a one-month period Facebook decided to rank the U.S cities based on the percentages of who went from “Single” to “In a relationship.”

There was only one city that made two of the top five lists, Forth Worth, Texas taking the number four spot for “Highest likelihood of a relationship” and the number three spot for “Most single females per single male.”

One of the most populated cities, New York City made only one list, number three in the “Lowest likelihood of a relationship.”

So where does one have the highest chance of finding love? Colorado Springs, Co. according to the polls. The number one city for the least likely to fine love is San Francisco, Calif.

Detroit comes in at number 12 on the list. Colorado Springs, the city most likely to find love, also entered number 48 on the least likely list.

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