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Detroit Lions 2014 schedule released

Jim Caldwell begins his Detroit Lions run on Monday Night Football.
Jim Caldwell begins his Detroit Lions run on Monday Night Football.
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The NFL likes to try and make news around the clock, and around the calendar, but they don't like to rely on somber concussion related news. As such, they've tried to turn their schedule release day into a big deal. Well, regardless of what your degree of excitement is, the Detroit Lions' schedule is out, for our perusal.

At least it starts off with a bang, as the Lions are part of the Monday Night Football doubleheader in week one. They host the New York Giants, which isn't a bad way to start the season. That's a possibly winnable game for Detroit. Of course, last time they played on Monday Night Football, Justin Tucker kicked a million field goals and it was part of the complete collapse that cost Jim Schwartz his job.

The Lions play the NFC South and AFC East this year, which isn't easy, but isn't hard either. It's acceptable. They also play the Cardinals on the road. Detroit has no other primetime games, but they have a 9:30 AM start against the Falcons. That seems like a foolish idea. Oh well. (Update: I just remembered this is the London game. Still, seems like not the greatest idea for viewership, even if I imagine it runs solo.) For Thanksgiving, they host the Chicago Bears, which is always fun. They end the season with a real doozy of a run; they host Minnesota, visit Chicago, and visit Green Bay in the season finale. I hope the Lions don't need to win that final game to make the playoffs. It won't happen. Be forewarned, Jim Caldwell.

Detroit's regular season begins on Monday, September 8. Get ready for football. In, like, four months.