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Detroit homeowner shoots, kills armed robber

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Liberty Unyielding’s Around the Web feature carried a headline this morning about a mother at home with her two young children when intruders broke in and scoffed at her warning that she was armed. The woman proved she meant business when she fired off several rounds of her assault rifle at three would-be burglars, all of whom escaped with their lives.

The perp in a separate incident in Dertoit was not so lucky. MyFoxDetroit reports that the suspect pointed a gun at the woman’s head outside her home at around 12:30 Saturday morning. She had just parked her car in her garage after arriving home when the man appeared seemingly from out of nowhere.

According to the police report, the woman, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, shot the suspect seven times. He got off one shot before he died. So far, the incident has been ruled as an act of self-defense.

A video of the news report can be viewed here.

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